Dulu benci sekarang suka

Pernah tak korang rasa?
Dulu benci ya amat
Sekarang suka dah boh


Still remember my school days ago I realy hate Matematik
I think Matematik was very though for me

But in the end I realy love
Until I feel Matematik it not that though
its all set in my mind

I set my mind there no such thing that is very easy and very hard for me.

If someone can why cant I

Untill now was one of my favourite subject

Do you have thing like this

I dont have idea to updated my blog

So I just feel want to convess


  1. akak tak suka Maths and Add Maths and Physics, tapi suka Bio n Chem. hehe :p

  2. follow blog bihah balik dan like fan page blog Nabihah
    Terima Kasih


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