Yow people from the entire world are so weird?

Generation Y,Z lol love to share a lot
I mean since now "social media account" is a kind of a must thing that you should have.
*cough facebook,instagram,twitter~~
Every single day that you missed to keep looking at it to keep scrool on it type on it or some of you may get trolled

People so lazy~like me,lazy to read,read newspaper, so they used "social media account" to share information to those who missed it.
They keep share it until all of their friend and friend of friend or yeah entire the country know about it. So fast for it suddenly become viral then trending. To those who became subject of the viral thing they may get some fame, people stalking them, then they got some popularity hahaha

Would you like become viral? Get much popularity as you are an artist?

Fame? Get more love?
Money? Get more love?
Love? Are get enough of it?

I don't know since when I love to post in english
maybe since I love to wrote on twitter in english??!!
lol want to know more about me? follow me!!

know what I'm friendly with strangers. Especially girl, I keep my distance from man..  some of them are really "strangers"


My blog appearance look childish,isn'it?
Yup it look how I am,still look childish even though I am going to 21 years old now.

What to do..? I have been really forget how to edit header means to put the new one. Around 2013 I edited it what I change it, it take time..with all assignment

FINAL just near my ear but in my hand through my eyes hahaha
stop thinking about CRUSH.///lol got new crush
primary school got 2
secondary school got 2
high school got 1 2 3 4 hahaha

don't make eye contact with me if don't mean something
I may reflect it back, you know what I mean


How Can?

I do not have any idea to share with you guys it off.
Several times I had review this blog but I just do nothing
University life is kind of "you must handle it properly" if not you could messed it up
When does so many assignment to finish,when start feel stress the "lappy" is kind of tv
play song and video

Yeah sometime we might feel bored when we do same thing everyday
going to class - back to room
Does chit chating with friend let the stress going out or just keep scrool the social media

AAH look it out some like doesn't believe "ex-ACCOUNT student like me will do well in IT course!!!" I'm doing my best at least I wanna "be as good as they are" cause we start from 0" even though some of them know the basic,maybe know more than me.

Strungle up! You do not know your future. What will happen next 5,10,20 years
How can you "balas balik budi orang tua kau!!"
How can you "balas balik jasa kerajaan(no politician k)"

You are growing up to be lady know. Your matured enough?
How can NOW there is a lot of KIDS have THE SAME LEVEL OF ADULT ACTIONS?

Crying at the side...hahaha


it so true what people say...
"You repair your relationship with Allah,he will repair relationship with other"
"Pray for it,everything were fine"

Yes I got fine band 3!!
if it minus 2,my band will down to band 2,
I feel grateful,ambik la MUET bulan MARCH ye conform senang,TRUST ME HEHEHE


I feel so guilty when thinking about our relationship friend!!
day by day,how could I REPAIR IT!!
Day by day,we back to normal, even though a bit changes happen.
I miss YOU! I hate YOU! I love YOU!

Don't forget to pray where ever you ago.
It your responsible as (MUSLIM)

"Wahai sahabatku ikutilah ajaran agamaMU dengan patuh,dengarlah nasihat orang tua MU dengan baik :) "

Sometime feel old,Sometime feel young

Sometime I feel old even though I was the youngest in this house.
hear them sharing their life story,love story and even their secret.
talking about our opinion. feel annnoyed.when get bullied

Sometime I feel young,when we were about craving ice cream,missing parent.
And sometime when we were not feel strong enough, we give support to each other.

How good it feel when have old sister, NO! I feel we are at the same age, hahaha
make it missing my sister so much,I get close to her,sleep next to her when I was very young,at 2 years old,at that age,little girl should be side mom.

NO! I was very idependent,YEHET!
Yes,to said it. Among friend they worried to go alone, YES it not safe to go alone
but not me! I don't mind that,I was brave,overcome that.

Nothing could I share just type whatever were in my mind.

How sad so sad T,T
That kid lost their Papa,Mama and their younger sister at a very young age.
If it I couldn't stand. Yah, they need love and protection.
Be strong girl!



Crying out

At the end of a long, tiring day.
I convince myself and my heart full of sights
Today,tomorrow, I get up again
Surviving another day
Vague hopes and dry laughter
They change as time passes
But the sorrow, and the wounds
they don't go away
Do you hear us shouting in sadness?
We've endured and endured
Even when darkness fell on our walk
We held our hands in hands and stayed a team
Why aren't we getting any answers?
Why have you been hiding in silence?


dah lepas satu?! ah ade lagi

pe habaq anak anak reader sekalian :D

Sampai jugak aku kembali dengan riangnye ke rumah..
ah bestnye rase

rase rumah sendiri (rumah mak abah je)
rase bilik sendri tilam sendiri (sambil menghempangkan pinggul ke tilam)

sayap rama rama terbang pulang
masa cuti study week tu da blik tapi kejap ja tak rasa feel

dah lepas satu sem..ha banyak lagi sem
Ya Allah negara ku tak sudah lepas satu satu dugaan menimpa kami
oh eh oh eh ade lagi yang terus buat maksiat tak ambil lngsung pengajaran

(ingatkan diri) jangan lupa solat 5 waktu, jangan leka

ape bende aku ni cerita sekarang..
banyak bende sangat aku ni cerita kat mak da macam mulut murai

padahal aku ni orangnye pasif
memang aku tahu aku tak boleh anggap matrik tu same cam kat U

Ah rindunye kalau ckpp psal matrik

datang ke tempat orang asing (msih dlm negara)
banyak bende terlintas di pikiran

macam mane nak rapat dengan budak bilik?
ada yang nak kawan aku tak?

ye la aku ni anak manja buat bende leceh ini tak tahu itu tak tahu tak cekap langsung lembab
da la lembab bebal plak tu

erghh negatif tul pikiran ni (nyah kau syaittan)

buang buang pikiran negatif ni
ni da masuk tahun 2015 Faey