Crying out

At the end of a long, tiring day.
I convince myself and my heart full of sights
Today,tomorrow, I get up again
Surviving another day
Vague hopes and dry laughter
They change as time passes
But the sorrow, and the wounds
they don't go away
Do you hear us shouting in sadness?
We've endured and endured
Even when darkness fell on our walk
We held our hands in hands and stayed a team
Why aren't we getting any answers?
Why have you been hiding in silence?



  1. Let it be dear.. Leave the past, Live for the future..
    Everyone have the wounds, that it make us more stronger..

    Allah kan ada :")

    Jemput join giveaway Nurrul :

  2. alamak masa belajar fail BI . xpham baq hang hehe


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