I feel like wanna give up

yu no dat feel right?

everything is though!! nothing is easy as simple as you think

lol I should be studying right now!
but the feel like I want to give up reading the theory..that none of them would come out on exam..my exam is on 2/1 next year hehe

what I mean is the question is how are you going to applied all that in the question..
hadam understand it...most of my classmate seems just gonna read it..

I'm sorry I had nothing to talk about..
Blogger look differrent from what I used to seen  before..it more to manage

my english is not that powerfull..but at least I can understand it..
before new year...
next year last sem and I got PSM 2 (urghh codding)

Imma trying to give myself motivation hihihi

biggest LIE

I don't know the specific time that I started writing something in this blog, but its been around 4 years since I start it around 2012.

I watching Korean drama "Age of Youth" one of the good drama, it show how pathetic their life it is and everyone has its own life story.

Actually I become addicted to it because it tell some "LIE"
I mean everyone has ONCE LYING !! And that lie could ever became secret you don't want to tell anyone about it. It stopped became a LIE until you confess it?!! Right?!
LIE is a small secret..

I think some LIE could became the biggest LIE ...
Your fake smile...
You tell something that never happen but you want it really happened IN YOUR LIFE
You said you had done it but you are not..

During my youth (I'mm still young ok) ..

During my youth SOLAT could have been biggest  LIE
"You said you had done it but you are not.."
But day by day I realise WHY SHOULD I LIE ??
Why don't you do it when you believe on it??
Why don't you feel scared to Allah?

Some said "too young too dumb to realise" !!! But I have to say..I thankfull gratefull to Allah .. you were born to both of Muslim couple.. You know "betapa indahnya ISLAM itu"

To those who does not want to cover their aurat cause "belum smpai seru" LIE THEY LIE IT...!!!