Feeling for you

#english aku tunggang langgang harap korang faham
#Rewind back all those memories of us togther in KMS
At the first time I met you guys
I can't expected what are your real behaviour it is.
At the first week we start to know each other I still feel awkward
Hahaha...I remember at first week of learning all of us sick of introducing ourself to lecturer
Wan and Atie become the most attraction because Wan transfer from Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah and Atie transfer from science courses into account courses.
Our 1st semester, I'm trying to look for someone which can be 'sekepala' with me but nope no one.
Nothing. I think cause maybe I had a weird behaviour and arrogant or maybe annoying look....
Hurm....Dosen't you guys noticed I was the most quiet person in class? I was realy shy and actually I'm fell not commfortable in class.
I missed miss my friend from old school so much.
I was missing in class
Had a low voice
is me.

Maybe  No  Yes
is actually I'm atract you guys with my new handphone.
Cause I think I' always lack of information in class.
Hahaha...nope l

Doesn't you guys feel I was very lonely in class?
I had problem with girls you all 'coupling'.
We only get 15 girls the one left is me
At the same time, I'm trying to get along and be neutral which can be friends with anyone and doesn't realy need best friend.
I don't need close friend because ...
I have you all. You all including the boys..hahaha
To all those conflict happen should be erased in our memories but become moral to all of us

We can't turn back time
All of us soon will go to our own path
Hope our dream will come true
See you guys in IPT..Insyallah
When we spending time together..
Time sweet learning,taking class photo, time dinamika,time in class, time we wear the same cloth.
I miss our joke,our laugh,our cry. Hihihi
Time can't be rewind.
Just in mind
Keep it up memeory
Miss to see you guys. Awesome..

Sincerely Faeytynn

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