I'm going crazy

I'm going crazy
I got no one beside me
I got no one to take my side
I got no one to talk to

That's why I feel so regret when my brother took my niece far away from me
I want to tell them pleaseee...
But it just me, I can't express it into words
Cause I know no one could listen to my words
And I know they have their reason

In my neighbourhood...
I got no one to make friend
Most of them were old
Some maybe younger them me
But mostly they can't be friend to me
There not so many people
Cause I live in a village

People right know are running finding more and more money
Until they forgot their family

I just need one thing
I need LOVE

My friend surely all busy with their studies
So I don't want to interupt them
I got not so much friend
Most of them are futher their studies

It has been more than 3 month
All that I do is lay on my bed
After I had done all house work
While my mom is busy

Ahhhh pleaseee
Please time to go faster
"15 Sept" is that "day"

I'm feeling crazy
Like I was psycho

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  1. kalau rasa nak gila,cepat2 makan ubat..hehehehehe..gurau jer
    pernah dgr ke psl aiesec?Kita mohonlah n then akan ada sesi temuduga...bole exchange ke luar negara tau ^^


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