My can relate to this song "A"

It can be related to my situation when I see my "crush" a while a go!!

It's now working!
So stop pretending!
I know you want me!
Let's start talking!

Hey I know it all , why do you keep hiding?
I know that you like me it says on your face!
Hey why do you turn your eyes away while looking at me?
I know it all!!

When I feel someone looking at me
I glance back and you always there (Hey girl)
Even if you turn your head and look far away
Even if you pretend not to be surprised
I know why you hang around me

You think I don't know your mind
The unawareness makes you look so cute
Eventhough I wanna keep pretend that I don't know
I can't go on like this any longer
I know it all, come on over here

Don't run away anymore
Don't hide form it, let's have "something"
Look at me oh don't be so shy
What are you afraid of I'm not all that good either
But I think we'll  make one hot couple

Let's this be our first day
I wanna walk around holdings hand
So stop quit wasting time now
What are you gonna do
When will you stop running away huh?

-A by GOT7

This is how I feel on my crush
But what are I gonna do

We meet and apart

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