Independent Girl but...

Yes I am independent girl to say is..
But not everything that I can do it alone
Yes sometime I can stand alone I can find it myself
But if it go wrong no one know

So does sometime I get help from my friend
Independent girl are not lonely they're sometime alone doesn't mean they do not have friend
they have a little friend a good quality friend
And even like I can friend with everyone its just sometime it seems awkward when I couldn't adapt myself with them

You must be independent..not everyone can get work with everyone that they know
Ima lack of skill which people call "lembab" "blur"

Please don't be an independent girl when you have no friend everyone dislike you
You have complicated problem with them that you can't let solve it alone you have to let go your ego for the sake of your life
Making everyone feel comfortable with you
or even you can make them smile just when they see you
you can make them.. say hii everytime you meet them

Helping each other when they need  you eventhough not everyday they can be with you not all thing they desired to help you

it how you can feel happiness by yourself ...

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