Yow people from the entire world are so weird?

Generation Y,Z lol love to share a lot
I mean since now "social media account" is a kind of a must thing that you should have.
*cough facebook,instagram,twitter~~
Every single day that you missed to keep looking at it to keep scrool on it type on it or some of you may get trolled

People so lazy~like me,lazy to read,read newspaper, so they used "social media account" to share information to those who missed it.
They keep share it until all of their friend and friend of friend or yeah entire the country know about it. So fast for it suddenly become viral then trending. To those who became subject of the viral thing they may get some fame, people stalking them, then they got some popularity hahaha

Would you like become viral? Get much popularity as you are an artist?

Fame? Get more love?
Money? Get more love?
Love? Are get enough of it?

I don't know since when I love to post in english
maybe since I love to wrote on twitter in english??!!
lol want to know more about me? follow me!!

know what I'm friendly with strangers. Especially girl, I keep my distance from man..  some of them are really "strangers"


My blog appearance look childish,isn'it?
Yup it look how I am,still look childish even though I am going to 21 years old now.

What to do..? I have been really forget how to edit header means to put the new one. Around 2013 I edited it what I change it, it take time..with all assignment

FINAL just near my ear but in my hand through my eyes hahaha
stop thinking about CRUSH.///lol got new crush
primary school got 2
secondary school got 2
high school got 1 2 3 4 hahaha

don't make eye contact with me if don't mean something
I may reflect it back, you know what I mean